Group Activities (Optional)

Find connections and experience Washington together

Group activities are planned before and after the conference: 

  1. National Mall Tour, similar to the 2019 tour, will include a shuttle and Capitol Hill building tour that requires early reservation.  

  2. Intuitive Walk Along the National Mall is informal and group driven, and may include decrees and invocations in and around various monuments and memorials. 


Please let us know as soon as possible if you can join both or either of these group events. Transportation cost will be determined by the number of persons who sign up. Everyone will pay for their own meals. There are no entrance fees at any of the sites or museums.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of National Park Service.

National Mall Tour - Wednesday, April 28

Group Shuttle - 8:00 am 

This tour includes an early-morning shuttle pick-up at the Homewood Suites Hotel. 


Group White House - 10-15 minutes

The group will spend 10-15 minutes at the White House north perimeter for quick pictures.


Group Capitol Hill Building Tour - 1 Hour - 9:30 am to 10:30 am

After a complete a security check, we will take a group tour at a reserved time slot.  

Please review the Prohibited Items 


Group Supreme Court and the Library of Congress - about 1 hour

Heading northwest of the Capitol Hill Building, pictures at the Supreme Court building (15-20 minutes) followed by a quick peek inside the Library of Congress (20-40 minutes), which is just south of the Supreme Court building. These activities can be adjusted to your preference.   


Group Transportation: Take the Metro to Lunch - 10-15 minutes

Heading south from the Library of Congress, we enter the Metro South Station and take the Metro to the Smithsonian Station.  Exiting the Smithsonian Station, we will proceed southeast toward the U.S. Department of Agriculture South Building Cafeteria.


Group Lunch: U.S. Department of Agriculture South Building Cafeteria - 1-2 hours

U.S. Department of Agriculture South Building Cafeteria.  Choose from a wide variety of delicious selections for a low price. 

Take Time to Connect

Lunch is a time to reacquaint yourself with friends and meet new people.

Take this time to find a group that you might want to spend the next part of the day with, slowly strolling the mall  or venturing about the area on bikes or scooters.

Use this time to introduce yourself and possibly share your WhatsApp or phone number with others, especially if you're thinking about joining the group later in the day for dinner.

At this point you can stay with the larger group or break into smaller groups. We have a short list of suggestions below to help you decide on your afternoon activities. 

~ Remember ~

The less time you spend on lunch, the more time you have to see the museums, memorials, and parks.

Self Tour 

We have listed a number of monuments, memorials, and museums in the Visiting the National Mall section.  

The National Mall provides walking paths along both sides of the park. 

You may want to consider renting bicycles or scooters. 

Group Dinner Reconnect - Text or Meetup (TBD) 

Prior to dinner, plan to text or Meet Up with group leaders. We will need to confirm the final count for dinner. 


Group Dinner RSVP 

The restaurant location is to be determined. We will need your RSVP, since most restaurants in the area require reservations, and this year the demand may be higher due to the election. 

We will need you to RSVP the Group Dinner before the conference.

Getting Back to the Hotel 

Participants can pay for The National Mall Tour and Group Dinner RSVP shuttle ahead of time, or arrange your own transportation.  Sharing a ride will reduce the overall cost. 

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Intuitive Walk

Come fly with us

You are cordially invited to walk with us along the National Mall on the morning after the conference. In sync with the spirit of the Aquarian Age, we will follow our hearts and invoke Light through decrees or invocations at various sites along the way. 

Intuitive Walk Along the National Mall - Monday, May 3

Walking in and around the National Mall with intention and light.

We will meet in the morning and end by noon.


Step one is to let the group leader know your intention to join.

Please contact Paul Jonas no later than April 27, 2021. 

Paul Jonas

Visiting the National Mall

Take time to enjoy your surroundings 

Most Museums are free to the public

5:30 pm Closing time

mall map image.jpeg

Monuments, Memorials, and Museums